Show Notes:
Part 1:

Chef Shelley Cooper of Dancing Bear Lodge Appalachian Bistro in Townsend, Tennessee and Terra Mae Appalachian Bistro in Chattanooga, TN.  Chef Cooper is one of the featured Chefs at the Appalachian Food Summit taking place September 26th, 2015 in Abingdon, VA.
Chef Cooper uses regional ingredients and celebrates the tastes of Appalachian cuisine.  She is one of the featured Chefs at The Appalachian Food Summit in Abingdon VA this weekend.  More information on the Summit by searching “Appalachian Food Summit” on Facebook.
Part 2:
We also visit with Fred Sauceman and his segment about Sorghum.  Fred has a brand new documentary that will be featured at the Appalachian Food Summit.  The documentary is called "Sunlight Makes it Sweeter A Story of Sorghum".  For more information on Fred Sauceman and to get a copy of this documentary, look for Fred on Facebook or Twitter @FredSauceman