Show Notes:
Part 1:

Paw Paw Fruits.  A visit with Darrin Nordahl, Author of the book "Eating Appalachia, Rediscovering Regional American Flavors".  Darin discusses the taste and uses of the Paw Paw fruit in savory dishes.
Part 2:
-Mary Constantine has a delicious recipe for a Vietnamese Beef Stew.
-Chef Shelley Cooper of Dancing Bear Lodge and Terra Mae Appalachian Bistros with a recipe for Osso Bucco.
-Crystal Wilson of Turtle Mountain Herb Farm with her United Plant Savers Garden called "Grannie's Garden".
-Karin Shankles, winner of the 2015 Cornbread Cook-off and her winning recipe.
-A Farmers' Market Minute with "Honey Dew Naturals" from Strawberry Plains, Tennessee.