Season 5, Episode 19, June, 10, 2018

Links to guests:
Amy visits with Katie Hoffman and Jean Haskell (Editor of the Encyclopedia of Appalachia) who are the ladies behind “Feastivals”, “A Celebration of Appalachian Cuisine & Culture” and is the culinary arm of the “Mountains of Music Homecoming Festival” . These 3 dinners take place June 9, 13th and 16th at 3 different locations in Virginia.

Dr. Katie Hoffman:
Katie Hoffman’s Cast Iron business:
Dr. Katie’s Company name and contact information: “Appalworks” Arts & Cultural Heritage Consulting & Promotion.

Dr. Jean Haskell:
Jean’s expertise and contact information: Dr. Jean Haskell, Appalachian Highlands Consulting. Regional Development, Historic Cultural Resources Management, Research, Grant Writing, Writing, Editing, Speaking. Email:

Fred Sauceman shares an episode of “Pot Luck Radio” on the subject “Polk County Hot Slaw” - a specialty of Watson’s Grocery in Benton, Tennessee.

Plus a huge list of food and farming related activities in the area presented by area non profit organizations - Links below:

Links to events sponsored by area non profit organizations that are specifically local food, farming, or sustainably oriented:

Century Harvest Farms,  2nd Harvest Food Bank volunteer link: 

East Tennessee Young Farmers Coalition:

Nourish Knoxville Market Square Farmers’ Market:

Dixie Lee Farmers’ Market:

Maryville Farmers’ Market:

East Tennessee Farmers Association of Retail Marketing:

CAC Beardsley Farm:

CAC Beardsley Community Farm Annual Solstice Dinner: Beardsley Farm -

Sevierville Market (every Friday):

Eastside Sunday Market:

Morgan County Farmers Market:

Harriman Farmers Market:

Seymour Farmers Market:

East Tennessee Children’s Hospital Farmer’s Market:

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