Season 5, Episode 17, May 26, 2018
- Interview with Brenna Wright, Owner of Abbey Fields Farm, “Knoxvilles Neighborhood Farm” (Urban Farming in Knoxville, TN)

- Fred Sauceman’s “Pot Luck Radio” segment about “King Tut’s Restaurant” in Vestal, Tennessee.

- A list of upcoming events that are food, farming, or agriculturally related presented by area non profit organizations. Details and links below.

Links to Guests:

Abbey Fields Farm:

Fred Sauceman “Pot Luck Radio:

Links to mentioned events during the show as a public service to area non profit organizations:

Century Harvest Farms,  2nd Harvest Food Bank volunteer link: 

East Tennessee Young Farmers Coalition:

Nourish Knoxville Market Square Farmers’ Market:

Dixie Lee Farmers’ Market:

Maryville Farmers’ Market:

East Tennessee Farmers Association of Retail Marketing:

CAC Beardsley Farm:

Art from the Hills Art show:

CAC Beardsley Community Farm Annual Solstice Dinner: Beardsley Farm -

Sevierville Market (every Friday):

Eastside Sunday Market:

Morgan County Farmers Market:

Harriman Farmers Market:

Seymour Farmers Market:

East Tennessee Children’s Hospital Farmer’s Market:

Brenna Wright (Owner, operator of Abbey Fields Farm, "Knoxville's Neighborhood Farm".

Brenna Wright (Owner, operator of Abbey Fields Farm, "Knoxville's Neighborhood Farm".