Season 6, Episode 27, September 14, 2019

“Tennessee Muscadines”, The native grape of Appalachian, Tsali Notch Muscadine Vineyard in Tennessee, and the National Muscadine Festival, Madisonville, Tennessee.

A visit to Tsali Notch Muscadine Vineyard and conversation with J.D. Dalton about the muscadine grape of the Appalachians, and the annual National Muscadine Festival which will take pace this year at Tsali Notch Orchard September 27th (VIP Night) and 28th (General Admission).
Fred Sauceman’s “Pot Luck Radio” segment featuring Apple Butter, and Fred shares a recipe tip for sausage balls with  apple butter from the late story teller Katherine Tucker Windham.
Also news of events at the Annual TVA& I Fair, Knoxville and the Blue Ribbon Country Fair (September 28th) in Townsend, Tennessee.

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National Muscadine Festival, September 27 and 28th at Tsali Notch Vineyard, Madisonville, TN:

Blue Ribbon Country Fair at the Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center in Townsend TN:

September 14, and 15th - The Tennessee Valley Fair:

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