Season 5, Episode 29, August 25th, 2018
Native Plants:  That is our topic on this episode of the Tennessee Farm Table.  With the change in the seasons, lots of us are thinking about fall planting, and landscaping.  I visit with Meredith Clebsch of Greenback, Tennessee and hear why it makes good sense to invest in native plants financially, environmentally, and aesthetically.   Meredith is the Land Directorr at Foothills Land Conservancy and she also co-owned and operated a native plant nursery in Greenback, Tennessee for over 30 years. Foothills Land Conservancy  

Fred Sauceman shares a story about Lemonade from North Carolina Food Writer Fred Thompson and a story about Donna Netherland of Elizabethton, TN and her recipe for “Posh Squash” using yellow crook neck squash. Fred's radio series is entitled "Pot Luck Radio".

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Meredith Clebsch, Land Director, Foothills Land Conservancy
Fred Sauceman: Fred Sauceman:
Emi Sunshine:

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