Season 5, Episode 27, August 11th, 2018
Today, we are setting the table with a Knoxville, TN staple…JFG Coffee. Two guests share JFG Coffee memories. Bill Houston of New Market, TN and Tinah Utsman of Knoxville who’s father was President of the company during the 1982 Knoxville World’s Fair.

Mary “Dee Dee” Constantine (Food Editor of the Knoxville News Sentinel) shares a recipe for using coffee and brown sugar for a delicious steak rub.

Fred Sauceman  shares a potluck radio series with Charlene Odell and an Apple Relish Recipe that came from her Grandmother from Cock County, TN. The recipe is used by the Clinch Filed Sr Adult Center in Erwin, TN and the relish is sold as a yearly fundraiser during the Apple Festival in October in Erwin TN.

More about Bill Houston: Bill Houston is from New Market TN. Many of you may know Bill because he taught art at Carson Newman College for 40 years. He is also an incredibly talented landscape painter, artist, sculptor, and woodworker. And one of the most generous and kind people on the earth. Find information about his art here:
Bill is the owner, operator of Houston’s Mineral Well, in New Market, TN. Bill’s Grand Father dug this well in 1931 after an epiphany dream and was miraculously healed from a severe kidney ailment by the water from this well which he established and opened to the public. It is still open and run today (and on the honor system) by Bull Houston. 

More about Tinah Utsman: Tinah is a talented photographer in Knoxville, and Her Farther “Coffee Jack” was at one time President of JFG Coffee during the 1982 Knoxville World’s Fair. Tinah runs a non profit where she teaches kids how to take photographs of animals that need to be adopted.

Illustration: Amy Campbell

Illustration: Amy Campbell