October 27, 2018 Season 5, Episode 37

“Setting the table in this episode with Pie”

- Amy shares news of the 8th Annual Slow Food TN Valley Pie Contest to benefit the Eastside Farmer’s Market, Knoxville. Sunday, October 28th, 5 -7:30 PM. Location: Hexagon Brewing, Knoxville.

- Fred Sauceman shares a story and recipe of Alvin C York’s favorite Egg Custard Pie.  

- Amy shares the work of Slow Food TN Valley and Slow Food International

- Amy shares a recipe from the Loveless Cafe for Persimmon Pie

- Slow Food TN Valley Pie Contest link: 

- Connect with Fred Sauceman: https://www.facebook.com/fred.sauceman

- Link to Persimmon Pie Recipe from Loveless Cafe: 

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