December 12 Show Notes:
-Mary Lynn Snyder shares with us her mother Ruby’s favorite holiday recipe for Creamy Lemon Pie.
-Mary Constantine (Food writer for the Knoxville News Sentinel) presents a story about the life of Sarah Ann Geer McIntyre. Sarah was the cook at the hotel in Saltville, Virginia and Mary shares a bit on the life of Sarah and Sarah’s pound cake recipe. This would make a classic Christmas time dessert for your table.
During the Appalachian Food Summit in September, Ronni Lundy, Nancy Bruns and Amy Cameron Evans presented on “Salt”. One of the topics was the “Saltville Centennial Cookbook”. This woman’s life and recipe come to us thanks to Ronni Lundy and the good people who worked so hard to create the Appalachian Food Summit.
-Do you all remember Miller’s Department Store downtown Knoxville?  We have the neatest little story and recipe from Sarah Pirkle’s sister Donna about “Mauzy’s fruit salad” that has to be on the Christmas table or it just is not Christmas in the Pirkle family.  We are proud as we can be of Sarah Pirkle and Jeff Barbara, and the authentic music they write and play from the heart of East, Tennessee.  Sarah’s brother Andrew Pirkle (of Barstool Romeo fame) is also a big musical talent.
Donna’s grandmother Margaret Perry Finley and possibly her mother too used to work at the Polly Anna Tea Room at Miller’s Department store in downtown Knoxville where this was served.
We will hear Donna reminisce about these things on this show.  For more information about Sarah Pirkle, and Jeff Barbara’s music:

Mauzy's fruit salad

Mother says start with 5 red apples and cut them in to bite size chunks.

Do the same with 6 oranges and 6 bananas.

Add a can of pineapple chunks, drained.

About 1 pound quartered red grapes

Stir in ¼ to ½ cup of sugar if additional sweetness is desired.

And that is it. Simple but delicious.  Mauzy's fruit salad.

Photo of Jeff Barbara & Sarah Pirkle from their website.

Photo of Jeff Barbara & Sarah Pirkle from their website.